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“George is the consummate professional. He always went above and beyond the call of duty while selling my business. Through all the ups and downs of the typical business selling process, he was there for me. He truly cares about his clients and I can’t say enough about him. Immediately after selling my business, I recommended him to a friend. If you are considering selling your business, look no further than George to help you.”
Paul Sheriff, President, PDSA, Tustin, CA

“I met George in 2015 as he was selling a company where the owner had sadly passed away unexpectedly. It was a complex situation as the surviving spouse was devastated and she was forced to go back into the company and protect the assets. There was internal complexities and a large number of professional advisors that made his job very difficult. Through all of these circumstances, George demonstrated very high professionalism and expertise. Though there were many conflicts with advice coming from multiple directions, George was logical, kind, forthright and an absolute key in getting the transaction completed. Without a doubt George is my #1 Business Broker to go to in the LA/OC region. I also sincerely hope I get to do another transaction with him in the future.”
Steve Cade, President, Benex Exterminating, Hawthorne, CA

 “I want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts in helping Linda and I sell our 26 year old sign company.  One never knows what one gets in a broker situation, but your guidance and professionalism was truly off the charts. I thought I knew a fair amount as to how the process would play out, but could not have done this without you. period. Your background, understanding of the complex process, and ability to “read” both parties was invaluable in moving the transaction forward. As you often said, it was important to “keep energy in the deal” and you certainly did that. Your knowledge of the banking/loan component and your relationship with and referrals to transactional professionals was very, very valuable. Again, thanks for all that you did to help launch us into retirement.”
Dennis Prina, President, America’s Signs

“Thanks so much for your help on this transaction. At important times, it was very valuable.”
Ara Babaian, Esq., The Atty. firm of Ervin, Coen & Jessup LLP, Beverly Hills, CA

“This deal would have never happened without George’s help!” 
Meredith Stines, President, American Ultraviolet, Lebanon, IN.

“George Hicks suggested how to finance the deal. Without that piece of advice, the deal would not have happened. We would not have been able to meet on the price.” 
Adam Christing, President, Clean Comedians, La Habra, CA.

 “From the first time I discussed with you our desire to purchase a company, and throughout the entire process, your experience, help, insight and support was outstanding. I particularly appreciated how you clearly defined the process of procuring a business; from search to valuation to close of escrow. I felt that we knew what to expect around every corner and there were no surprises along the way.”
Brad Denger, President Beale Ash Distribution

“George is an experienced professional in helping owners sell their businesses. He understands the timing, dynamics – financial, legal and psychological – of a successful business sale. Because of his expertise, I invited George to be a member of California United Bank’s Advisory Board. He has been generous with his time, providing me valuable counsel. I recommend any owner who is planning on selling in the next five years have a conversation with George.” 
Kim Defenderfer
, Banker

“George was involved in a number of transactions with clients of my firm, and I got to appreciate his professionalism and his understanding of business issues. He is far more professional than other brokers with whom I have worked over the years, and seems to understand what a broker can and should bring to such work. I also find him easy to work with.”
Gerry Michael, CPA

“Whenever I get a chance I am always happy to refer clients to George. I do not know anyone more professional when it comes to providing client service and advice. George is very experienced handling M&A transactions. From reviewing his work I am constantly impressed by the level of his technical knowledge, especially understanding the financial details of a potential deal. If you are thinking about buying or selling your business, you can’t go wrong with George Hicks. I know you will be happy with his level of service and professional expertise.”
Mike Richardson, Mortgage Lender

“I work with George on a number of industry association boards and have always been impressed with his quiet confidence and keen observation. He demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the lifespan of a successful business with an acute understanding of leveraging its worth. Whether it’s growth through acquisition, or individual security via divestiture? George has the answers.”
Claude Delgado

“George is a detail oriented professional who goes to great length to assess a company’s value and viability. He strives to bring reality into the parties’ expectations and to present a ‘win-win’ proposition. Given his background in operations he is able to focus on more than just the financials.”
Roy Scholvinck

“I’ve worked with George on several deals including some that were quite complicated. At all times, George conducted himself with integrity and always kept sight of his client’s best interests. I have referred cases to him knowing that my referrals would be well served by his knowledge of business transactions, negotiation and communication skills with attention to detail.”
Glenn DeMar, CPA

“In the 20 plus years I’ve known him as a business associate and a good friend, I see George is a true Leader and Entrepreneur, a trusted friend. I’ve seen firsthand how hard he works, his effort he puts in on everything he does is undeniable remarkable! His executive leadership skills inspire the best out of the people who work with him when he ran a business, his ability to develop business relationships is unparalleled. He never gave up once he starts on something, he makes sure we all get the best results. George truly understands and creates win-win relationships. I can’t recommend George highly enough for anyone wanting to improve their business and themselves.” 
Kieu Tran

“George was the key expert witness in a valuation matter where the M&A Group was scheduled to appear as our trial expert. George’s preparation was the key to moving the parties toward a settlement.”
James Hinds, Attorney

“George is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. I refer to him for business valuations and whenever someone tells me they are looking to sell their business. I highly recommend his services!”
DeAnn Flores Chase, Attorney

“George is a professional. His depth of knowledge, diligence and people skills are unsurpassed. George listens to his client’s needs and uses all available resources to get results for his clients. His many years of business ownership experience enhance his empathy for his clients in helping them transition into and out of business ownership. I sincerely recommend George.”
Greg Carpenter

“George is head and shoulders the above his competitors, best business broker I have worked with. His extensive knowledge and experience provide his clients with the best possible representation when transacting a sale. When I refer a client to George I know they will be taken care of and he will provide them with the best advice and course of action.”
Chris Barbieri, President, Dealer Leads

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing George for over ten years now. He is a person of high integrity, taking a professional approach in the business brokerage industry and always placing his clients first. I strongly recommend George to anyone who is ready to list their business or any buyer who is searching for a good business broker to represent them.”
Hal Janke, CBI, FIBBA

“George has helped several of our clients in the area of merger/acquisitions. He brought experience, sound strategy and most of all a level of integrity that is sometimes rare these days. We will continue to trust George with our clients’ critical needs in the area of business mergers and acquisition. Thank you for all your help George!”
Thomas Ancona

“George was my superior and mentor and I lucked out. I was so inspired to learn from him and watch him succeed that it motivated me to succeed as well. I especially appreciated George’s unequivocal ethics. Of course, with these exceptional traits, George is always busy and his services in high demand. If you are lucky, as I was, to work with George as a client, co-worker, or business associate – don’t miss the opportunity!”
Anders Moller